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To use your powers to control the weather.
Weather Powers


Atmokenesis is all the weather powers seen in H2O: Just Add Water and Mako: Island Of Secrets. It is currently posessed by all the merpeople if there powers get upgraded by the moon.

Weather Powers

  • Aerokenesis
  • Pryokenisis
  • Electrokenisis
  • Cryokenesis

Another version of this is called Combined Atmokenesis which is the ability to combine three weather powers together.

Combined Atmokenisis Combinations

  • Aerokenesis/Electrokenisis/Cryokenesis
  • Aerokenesis/Pyrokenisis
  • Cryokenisis/Pyrokenisis
  • Electrokenisis/Pyrokenisis
  • Aerokenesis/Cryokenesis
  • Cryokenesis/Electrokenisis.

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