So Your A Superhero Now
Basic Character Information
Gender: Male
Powers: Unknown
Age: 18
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Address: Unknown
Occupation(s): Life Patrol
Aliases: Unknown
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown
Friends: Evie

Zac Zac

Relationships: Unknown
Pet(s): Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Other Information
Interests: Unknown
Education: Local School
Talent: Unknown
Season(s) Appeared in: 1
Series Information
First Appearance: Outcasts
Last Appearance: TBA
Portrayed By: Dominic Deutscher
Counterparts: None


Cam is the friend of Zac and the only one who knows he is a merman. He first appeared in Outcasts and became more Jealous of Zac as the season progressed. When Zac put the trident back in the chamber he and cam had a fight about it because he was jealous. When Cam betrayed Nixie and took the trident he decided to become a merman so he could rule mako. This did not succeed as the mermaids held him up with their moon rings and Zac destroyed the trident.

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