Lyla In Water
We're mermaids, we can't go on land
Basic Character Information
Gender: Female
Powers: Hydrokinesis
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation(s): Mermaid
Aliases: Lyla Santos (cover name)
Family & Friends
Family: The Mermaid Pod
Rita Santos (cover aunt)
Friends: Nixie
Relationships: Zac (crush)
Enemies: Cam
Series Information
First Appearance: Outcasts
Last Appearance: Decision Time
Portrayed By: Lucy Fry
Counterparts: Rikki, Cleo

Lyla is a main character in Mako: Island of Secrets. Lyla is a fiery mermaid, much like Rikki in H2O: Just Add Water. Lyla does not appear in Season 2


Lyla has a balance between not mature and mature of the three mermaids. Lyla is the fiery mermaid, much like Rikki. At the begining, she loves her life as a mermaid, and is quite a bit of a loner. Like Sirena, she was very upset when the pod banishes her and left her on Mako with the other two, who she, at first was very reluctant to work with, but as time goes by she grew to care more of her two new friends.

She is also very compassionate, as she trusts Zac the most out of the three after he put the trident back. At the end, she grew to trust land dwellers more. She can be very rebellious, especially when Rita told her not to meddle with things she does not understand. If she wants something done, nothing stops her.

Season 1

In Season 1, Lyla is like the leader of the three mermaids. She is the most mature and the most focused on removing Zac's powers.

Season 2

Lyla will not appear in Season 2 as she has left Sirena so her and Nixie can rejoin the mako pod.

Season 3

Season 3 details have not yet been confirmed. It is just known that episodes have been written.