Mako Island

Mako Island is one of the Main Places of where Mako Island Of Secrets takes place. Its where all the mermaids live (until they leave) and where Zac became a merman. It's abilities are during the full moon when the moon comes over the cave it can either, strengthen a merperson's powers, take away a merperson's powers (temporarily or permanentely) give a person powers (if you are in it and dont have any) or perform serious ultimate magic (like give a fulltime merperson legs. It is possible the moon rings were made by the crystals in Mako Island. There are many mermaids living there and it is also where the Trident Of Neptune is hidden.

The Moon Pool

The Moon Pool has the ability to give or take merpeoples powers. Perform ultimate magic and charge up moon rings and the trident. Until they were elected into the pod Sirena, Lyla and Nixie were the protectors of the moon pool during the moon cycle. But one time they neglect their duties and Zac becomes a merman.


  • Sirena
  • Lyla
  • Nixie
  • The Mako Mermaid Pod
  • Zac (occasionally)