Mako Island Of Secrets Season 1


26th July (Ten)

26th July (1-13 Netflix)

September 15th 2013 (14-26 Netflix)
Jonathan M Shiff
Main Cast
Different Titles
Mako Mermaids (Original)

Mako Island Of Secrets (Current)

Secrets Of Mako Island (Rumoured)

Season 1

Teenager Zac decides to camp out on mako island. Unaware that 3 mermaids are watching him. On the night of the full moon Zac comes into contact with the magical water of the moon pool with causes him to recieve a tail and incredible marine powers. The mermaid pod are forced to leave abandoning the 3 mermaids. It is now up to Sirena, Lyla and Nixie to obtain lefs and take away Zacs powers so the mermaid pod can return safely.

Main Cast

Reccuring Cast

  • Gemma Forsyth as Evie
  • Dominic Deutscher as Cam
  • Brooke Nichole Lee as Carly
  • Rowan Hills as David


First Half

Second Half