Zacs Choice
Season 1, Episode 23
Airdate September 15th 2013 (Netflix)
Full Episode Zacs Choice
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Evie Times Two

Zacs Choice

Zac searches the ocean for the trident. Sirena and Nixie tell Lyla to calm down because the ocean is big and he wont find it. Zac predicts that the trident gives them 5 minutes until they grow weak. He starts searching in the spot where the trident should be. He and Cam find the trident. Lyla and Zac fight for the trident. While fighting for possesion Lyla is knocked unconcious Zac drops the trident and takes Lyla to Ritas Mermaid Cave. They use the Moon Rings but it doesnt work because there is not enough moon light stored. Zac gives them moon light from the trident and they heal Lyla. The Mermaids and Rita tell him he should put the trident back. He puts it back and feels better after he does.

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